Homecare and Assistance Agency is known to me in my capacity as a social worker, but also as someone who had a dear friend cared for by them. The personnel is well trained, patient and soft spoken and understands the needs of the person who is being cared for. They have sat with my friend, held her hand, sang to her and even prayed for her when she asked for it. They are dedicated workers with a high ethical standard and insight into the human condition, especially those who are dependent on others. I will recommend them, to care and assist any person, young or old, who needs personal care with compassion and love.

M. Hobbs-Russell

Master of Arts in Social Work/UNISA
B.A.Soc.Sc  Honours  (RAU)

Michele is known to me for the last 5 years.
She was the personal carer of one of my elderly patients with dementia, depression and multiple medical
conditions without any family.
Her work ethic is commendable.
Her sense of responsibility is immense and she cared for Ms. Goosen as if she was a close relative of hers.
She never let anything to chance and did not hesitate to contact me or bring Ms. Goosen in if she thought
there was a problem.
Nothing was ever too much for Michele and she went the extra mile time after time.
Unfortunately Ms. Goosen did pass away but Michele needs to follow her calling and carry on as carer for the
elderly, so it seems just right for her to start her own business in this line of work.
She comes highly recommended from my side and I wish her the best of luck from my side.

Dr Christa De Wit

MBChB ﴾Stell﴿ BSc ﴾Hon﴿﴾Pharm﴿﴾Potch﴿

Michele v d Westhuizen cared for a long standing friend of mine Jeanne Goosen for 5 years and I think those 5 years with Michele as primary carer was a time of great comfort for Jeanne. Michele not only did an excellent job as carer but her genuine fondness, kindness and empathy is quite astounding. She looked after Jeanne as one might do for family, never loosing her good humour and sense of humour during those five years. Jeanne was not always the easiest of patients but she grew terribly fond of Michele and there was a very strong bond between them untill the very end. Michele held her hand as she slipped away.
I can strongly recommend Michele and her agency Homecare and Assistance. She is a shining example of what true “ caring “ is.

Kind Regards

Dr Sandra Prinsloo

I met Michelle when she cared for one of my patients.

She looked after Mrs Goosen for 5 years.

The team she put together were excellent. She visited every day and she was an advocate for the patient’s care whenever she was admitted to hospital, liasing with the hospital and specialists.

I can recommend her services and will make use of her services in the future.

Yours SincerelY

Dr Carol Goedhal

MBChB (UCT) MFarmMed (Stell)

Michele van der Westhuizen was the supervisor in charge of looking after my friend Jeanne Goosen from the very beginning. She is a good leader that leads her team to ensure that both physical and emotional well being is at best.
She is outstanding in friendliness, patience, being sympathetic and supportive of Ms Goosen while keeping me well informed.
All the carers that worked under her showed devotion to their work, respectfulness and caring towards Ms Goosen.
Ms Goosen was treated with respect, care and kindness I wholeheartedly recommend Michele and her team of carers.

Dirk Nagtegaal

Michele van der Westhuizen was in charge of the well-being of my friend Jeanne Goosen for many years. I came to know her as a devoted professional caregiver and leader of an excellent team of carers. Her most valuable asset is the selfless, loving devotion which by nature she bestows on a person in need. She is known to give much more than could be expected, adding strong moral and emotional support to physical care required.
The relationship between Michele and her team of carers is based on the highest principles of professional service, enriched by true compassion.

Petrovna Metelerkamp

Michele van der Westhuizen and her Carers from Homecare and Assistance, looked after my friend, the Author, Jeanne Gooysen, during the last 5 years of her life before she passed away in June 2020. In this time I regularly visited Jeanne.
Michele’s cautious selection of carers and hands on management of the details of medication and doctors orders to be complied with, was very reassuring. She saw to it that the carers were kind and attentive, strict when necessary but always warm and supportive. I believe that Michele’s work largely ensured a good quality of life for my friend Jeanne, during her last years.

Mariaan de Jong

Senior Lecturer (retired), University of South Afric