Welcome to Homecare and Assistance. We are a professional group of Management, Carers and companions who have been dedicated to the care and well being of patients with medical conditions.

Management refers to the group of people who manage the Carers and Companions and visits the client. They have access to the Carers and Companions 24/7. Carer refers to a registered medical carer who cares for patients that are fairly ill and require very close attention and assistance.

Companion refers to a person that enjoys assisting the frail and enjoys spending time with the elderly. They are able to provide services such as shopping, outings, reading, hobbies, walking the pets, watering the plants and general company.

Home care is a service that allows people to remain at home rather than be transferred to a residential nursing home or hospital. The word “home” is synonymous with feeling safe, loved and comfortable. It is well known that people that are ill and the elderly are more comfortable in their own environment at home. They also tend to have less stress related illnesses.

At Homecare and Assistance, we understand how important care is for your loved one in order to age comfortably, to recover well and to maintain the quality of their life. Ageing or recovering at home often contributes to the well-being of the elderly members of our families and communities because they can enjoy the familiarity of their own space, belongings and possibly, their pets.

Every individual we provide care to would have different requirements. Accordingly, our Carers and companions are carefully selected. We at Homecare and Assistance wish to facilitate the care required prioritizing dignity, comfort, safety and love.

Homecare means that a Carer comes into the home to assist with things such as hygiene, dressing, nail care, hair care, foot care and support with medication.

Feeding is taken care of, if required (special dietary requirements would be discussed with family), and in some cases also household tasks including household and laundry.

Often the elderly have pets that make a big difference to their daily lives.

Carers assist by feeding pets or walking them.

Carers can also look after house plants.


Our Carers can be used in cases of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, post operative care, palliative care, cancer, stroke, frail care, companionship, end of life or any debilitating disease.

As we become older, the need for home care might arise due to physical problems or frailty.

Our services enable the elderly to retain dignity and as much independence as possible, thus reducing unnecessary stress for the individual and the family.


“When you are a caregiver,
you know that everyday
you will touch a life or a
life will touch yours.”
– Anonymous

Homecare and Assistance always works in terms of the assessment made in consultation with doctors, all specialists and the family.

The utmost care is provided and patients are monitored as needed, up to 24 hours a day.

Depending on the assessment and the patient’s conditions, we would assist with exercise; we would take them for walks if possible, coffee dates, and any extra mural activities, depending on what the individual patient enjoys.